Senior Backend Developer

Company: Nuday Games
Industry: Game Development (mobile, social web)
Employment: Full time
Job Duration: Permanent
Job Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Experience Level: 4-5 years

Growing game studio Nuday Games is looking for a talented backend developer to build the Nuday Game platform, first product being Rock Science.

About the Job

The Senior Backend Developer designs and implements the backend systems and APIs to support feature development and new mobile games for a global audience. You will be a key member of the digital team and report to the CEO. You and your sharp and dedicated workmates at Nuday Games will initially focus on the Rock Science game. Together with you we’ll grow to become the world’s leading target group oriented game studio.

Not only do we develop exciting products, we use exciting technology to develop them. We believe that the combination of functional programming and Amazon Web Services allows a small team to accomplish a lot in a little time. Our game backends and platform are developed in Clojure and our deployment and operations tools are also Clojure. We don’t use Clojure “where it’s a good fit”, we think it’s a good fit everywhere!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, will be to build a scalable and manageable system using cutting-edge technologies. You’ll need to make sure what you build is maintainable, as you’ll be the one maintaining it. You’ll want to talk about the awesome things you’ve built at meetups, conferences, blogs and Twitter, and we encourage that. We’re proud of the tech we use and the people using it, and we’re happy for the world to know about it.

At Nuday Games, we value cultural diversity, curiosity and talent. We're big proponents of Agile and Lean ways of working, meaning that experimentation and learning are part of our core. We also value self-organisation. Here you'll have the freedom—and the responsibility—to take decisions around your own work. Our game development team is cross-competence. You'll work directly with the front end team, game designers and product owner.

As a senior member of a small team, you will be responsible for design, implementation, operations, and help setting the technical direction of the Nuday platform. In short, we want you to do it all, and trust you to do it right.

What you will be doing

You will join our Product Team where you will be:

• Writing lots of (clean) code that goes into production continuously
• Spend 10 percent of your time on private projects to find the next big thing
• Gain and share knowledge with expert colleagues


You will take up the position of Senior Backend Developer. This includes:

• Backend development, architecture (approx. 75% of working time)
• Responsibility for quality control as well as technical competence within the tech team
• Carry out performance reviews with other tech workers in the company
• Internal and external presentations on the company’s platform from a technical standpoint

Required skills and experiences

• 5+ years professional programming experience
• 3+ years of experience with Java or another JVM-based language
• Clojure (professional experience is a plus)
• Distributed systems design
• Version control (preferably git)
• Fluent in English

Added value

• Love of music and games
• Amazon Web Services (development and/or operations)
• Experience working in an Agile team
• Unity, C#

About Nuday Games

Nuday was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. We deliver games to passionate fans around the world. Nuday’s first title is Rock Science, the rock game of the century, which has been released in physical and digital formats in English, Swedish, German and Finnish. Initially focused on Rock Science, we are growing into the world’s leading game studio focusing on subcultures within the entertainment industry.

With more than 40 artists signed to the platform the opportunities are amazing. We have also closed a strategic partner deal with one of the “big three” within the music industry.

Join us and be part of a team releasing artist games with artist like Korn, Motörhead, Hammerfall and Arch Enemy!

Check out our current product at:


Nuday Games
Rehnsgatan 16
113 57 Stockholm