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5 Hair Metal albums you should hear before you die!

This is a quick guide for people who want to dig a little bit deeper in to the 80s metal scene, beyond Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses. It also serves as an introduction to the Sunset Strip Pack, available now in the Rock Science Universe.

Here we go, hold on tight!

5. Kiss - Crazy Nights (1987)

This is arena metal at it's finest! Just listen to the songs "My Way" and "Turn On The Night". Many of the songs were co-written by mastermind Desmond Child.

Did you know?

Crazy Nights (1987) is the highest-charting Kiss album of the 1980s in the US.

4. Dokken - Back For The Attack (1987)

The album kicks of with the ripping track "Kiss Of Death", which is some kind of a soundtrack to my younger years. Other stand out songs are "Dream Warriors", "Burning Like A Flame" and the instrumental "Mr. Scary".

Did you know?

The song "Dream Warriors" appeared in the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

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3. John Norum - Total Control (1987)

John Norum left Europe on their peak of success in 1986. He returned a year later with this blistering album, filled with well composed songs and kick ass guitar playing.

Stand out moments would be the evil riffing in "Eternal Flame", the Led Zeppelin tribute "Blind" and the Vinnie Vincent cover (!) "Back On The streets".

Did you know?

John Norum was married to late Phantom Blue guitarist Michelle Meldrum.

2. Dirty Looks - Cool from the Wire (1988)

I remember hearing the song "Tokyo" on a radio rock show in 1988 and was instantly hooked. The video for "Oh Ruby" was also getting substantial airplay on MTV. Still to this day, Cool From The Wire (1988) continues to sell online and in record stores all across the globe.

Did you know?

Singer Henrik Ostergaard passed away in 2011, due to liver failure. He was 47 years old.

1. Shotgun Messiah - S/T (1989)

This album was originally released in 1988, and the band was called Kingpin at that point. Later the guys moved from Sweden to L.A. and re-released the album as Shotgun Messiah.

There are a bunch of gems on this album, especially the arrogant "I Don't Care About Nothing" and the haunting "Nervous". It's also worth mentioning guitar player Harry Cody, who is doing some spectacular stunts on this album. Check out the instrumental track "The Explorer" for proof.

Did you know?

Bass player Tim Skold produced 2 albums for Marilyn Manson.

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