It was a damn fine summer morning when I left home for Metallsvenskan. Shorts, sunglasses and a great weekend in Örebro ahead. Soccer and metal, a combo hard to beat. Metallsvenskan is a one-of-a-kind in Sweden, mixing the elements of metal festival with hard battles in the soccer field. Bands, metal magazines, managers, roadies and footballers make out the teams. Sport drinks during the day and metal drinks at night. The exclusive metal drink for the year was 500 litres of Hårdrocksale (heavy metal ale) by Närke Kulturbryggeri, known to have been holding top positions at How could this ever go wrong?

Adding some initial drama
In an annoyingly good mood, get my ass over to the train station. Hordes of people are moving around like edgy animals on a hot savannah. I smell a rat.

Most trains are cancelled, a power down somewhere up north. My vision of that cold beer was slipping away. The cure from the sweat and hot making my shorts stick to my ass seemed far away.
I stare at the service desk for five minutes. There are 300 numbers to go before my queue ticket gets me anywhere, so I head to the couches. Two tickets left, the lady says, the bus leaves in 10!

A beer tent and a rock gaming living room
After two and a half hours on an air conditioned bus, life feels a lot easier. I’m greeted at the festival site by Tobbe, our Rock Science art director. Large parts of his old living room sits in the corner of the beer tent, the perfect site in the middle of the festival field. Gaming tables, s sofa, a coffee table and a side table made of an old racing tire… still a few hours until the gates open. Let’s have that beer.

And the gaming begins
Pretty soon as the the doors open, the gaming tables are occupied. People were learning the game fast. These rockers were sharp. Or was it me? We might just have been a bit too sober at the time.

Joined by De.Nihil Records
Calle Henriksson showed up (to the right, below). An old friend of Tobbe’s and one of the masterminds behind the De:Nihil Records. They shared some ass space in our sofa and make great company in the gazing sun. Check out the SWARM. They were recently released by De:Nihil and consist of members from Victims, Entombed and Disfear. Really good stuff.

Lucky winner of festival tickets
We had a few tickets to give away to the festival (thanks Metallsvenskan!!). We were happy to see one of the winners, Matthias (enjoying a beer below), came by to play. His friends had brought a horse. It was a present for the Clown Metal band Skitarg, to accompany their song “Bryta nacken av en häst” (“Brake the neck of a horse”).

Great prizes from Marshall Headphones
During the festival, the best rock gamers had been qualifying for the finals. We had some awesome prizes from Marshall Headphones in the pot. But the finals were far too good to cram into this post, so you can read about that in Metallsvenskan finals sponsored by Marshall Headphones.