The RS Finland crew packed up the Rock Science van (not strictly a road safe vehicle), and headed to the most authentic metal festival in Finland: Nummirock. We were tired, but happy to finally be on the road to a real midsummer celebration! We arrived, set up the Rock Science camp, and knew as the sun shined that it was going to be an awesome weekend.
Nummijärvi was soon crawling with rockers! Our big-ass Rock Science tent was right in the middle of the action, and we had three tables open all weekend-long for enthusiastic rockers to try Rock Science. Indeed, the tables themselves gathered lots of attention thanks to our mind-blowing Rock Science gaming surfaces.

Gaming Well Into The Night

A wicked reception from the metalheads at Nummirock really proved that Rock and Science really do belong together (despite some arguments on the Kotiteollisuus tour bus)! Rock Science turned alot of heads, and at points we even had more people wanting to try the game than we had seats at our tables.

The whole gamut of Nummirockers sat down at the Rock Science tables, from artists to hot goth chicks to old school rockers and one bloody Jesus. The climaxes of the games were definitely the awesome Rock the Song performances! Both wicked riffs and creative, bizarre, and hilarious pantomimes were seen in the Rock Science tent all weekend. The most enthusiastic gamers played on Saturday night until the festival was quite literally shut down around them.
A Tribute to the Festival Bands of 2012

Rock Science was also present backstage, where we gave out copies of Rock Science Festival to bands who were rocking out on the Nummirock stages. One of the definite highlights was getting to meet Burton C. Bell of industrial legend Fear Factory. We really hope he enjoys his Rock Science game! After all, what could be a better way to spend the day on the old tour bus than finding out who REALLY knows what they’re talking about when it comes to rock and metal?