It was no fucking wonder that Rock Science Finland chose to spend its second consecutive midsummer at Nummirock! The attractive Finnish countryside and nature combined with the jovial… no, hold on, actually, the GREATEST festival crowd that anyone can imagine brought us back this year to enjoy Nummirock’s line-up and atmosphere. Of course, we were on Rock Science duty, and proud to host Rock Science Quizzes at the beer tent for early bird festival-goers. We had such a blast with our quiz participants and the other random creeps following along and interacting with the Rock Science show!

Unforeseen Quiz Action

We can honestly say that there is no way that a single Rock Science quiz will ever be held without surprises, as I’m sure the witnesses to our quizzes at Sauna Open Air and Nummirock will agree! Last weekend, in addition to the great rock knowledge and male nudity on display, we saw characters like the Pope, a Teletubby, a Reverend, and even Satan himself on stage! How often have you seen Satan playing “Raining Blood” on the ukulele? Well, it really happened in our Rock the Song! Quiz, where contestants have to recognize tunes. Unfortunately, the Pope later smashed the ukulele to pieces. In spite of the presence of Beelzebub himself, the highlight of Nummirock for us was to be astonished by Eläkeläiset, a Finnish humppa-driven group that made an unforgettable appearance on stage during our Rock the Song! Quiz on Friday! Nummirock 2013 was a weekend we won’t soon forget.

Hail Satan!