The Rock Science truck hit the road recently to go to Pori in Western Finland for the final stop of this summer’s Finnish Rock Science tour. The tents and tables went up early on Friday, and the gaming could begin! The magnetic effect of Rock Science was once again evident as the tables filled up


What an awesome moment for the team – we had a chance to give away a copy of Rock Science to Turbonegro on Friday evening! Tony also graced our Monster game with arguably one of the raddest autographs so far. We were beyond thrilled. The gaming itself went on till well past midnight, after which it was time to move the party to the city of Pori itself.

Finnish Legends

Ask any rocker: waking up is sometimes… difficult… on a Saturday morning. We did make it, eventually, and the gaming went on as usual. Saturday was full of laughs and close games. The whole team was stoked to hand games to Finnish stars like Stam1na and Amorphis.

We here at Rock Science Finland are really happy with how our rock festival summer turned out, and Porispere was truly a fitting coda to the last few months. We want to once more thank all the enthusiastic rockers we’ve met and who have come out to game with us. Remember to follow us online, because even though the nights are getting cooler, the Rock Science flame will keep burning brighter!