Last weekend it was time once again for Northern Europe’s biggest rock festival: Tuska in Helsinki, Finland. For the uninitiated, Tuska literally means pain in Finnish, and it’s the highlight of the festival summer for all true rockers and metalheads. Rock Science Finland was, of course, present at Tuska, and the gaming continued all day for three days straight!

Hard Rock Wisdom, Hallelujah

If one thing became abundantly clear at Tuska, it was that Finns are a true rock people! Rock Scientists of all ages and sizes came and proved their mettle at the Rock Science tables. In addition to meeting older gurus, it was awesome to see lots of kids in our tent that had been doing their homework – their rock homework, that is! At one point we even had THREE generations of rockers visiting our tent. Now THAT is what Rock Science is all about.

Rock Science Goes Television

The cameras were rolling on Sunday when the popular current affairs show Puoli Seitsemän came to do a piece on Rock Science. In addition to conducting an interview, reporter Matti Toivonen tested the rock knowledge of a few eager Tuska-goers, as well as a representation from legendary record store Levykauppa Äx. We can’t wait for the Rock Science episode to be broadcast in the fall.

Pain and Pleasure

Rock Science really made a splash at Tuska, and the most eager gamers visited our tent every day of the three day festival. The reception was beyond our wildest expectations. We here at Rock Science Finland want to give a shout out and a big thanks to everyone who came by our tent to try the game or just to have a chat! All of you made Tuska 2012 a great event for us.
Rock on!