This is your chance to gather valuable rock knowledge about the 80s L.A. metal scene, in order to kick everyone’s ass on the Sunset Strip Pack. Get ready to absorb!

When Metal Ruled The World

Really cool documentary dealing with the rise and fall of metal in the 80s. Includes interviews with Vince Neil, Bret Michaels and George Lynch to name a few.

Guns N’ Roses – Live At The Ritz (1988)

The sleaziest bunch of The Strip have their finest hour on February 2, 1988 at the Ritz in NYC. All five band members are absolutely on fire!

Tracklist: It’s So Easy, Mr Brownstone, Outta’ Get Me, Sweet Child O’ Mine, My Michelle, Welcome To The Jungle, Nightrain, Paradise City, Rocket Queen, Knocking On Heavens’ Door

Mötley Crüe – Donington Interview (1984)

Hilarious chat with the original bad boys of rock n’ roll. Who would have imagined these four dudes setting up shows in Las Vegas?!

Ratt – Live @ The Rock Palace (1984)

Pro-shot footage of Ratt in their prime.

Tracklist: You Think You’re Tough, You’re In Trouble, The Morning After, Round And Round

Dokken – Live In Philadephia (1987)

How old were you in 1987? This is your chance to catch Dokken live following the release of the album Back For The Attack. How about George Lynch?! What a great guitar player!

Tracklist: Kiss Of Death, Just Got Lucky, Burning Like A Flame, Into The Fire, Alone Again, It’s Not Love, Lightning Strikes Again, In My Dreams