Stiv Bators (October 22, 1949 – June 4, 1990)

The Dead Boys evolved out of the band Rocket From The Tombs and were originally called Frankenstein. After moving to New York City in 1976 at the encouragement of Joey Ramone, the Dead Boys quickly gained notoriety for their outrageous live performances. Lewd gestures and profanity were the norm. On more than one occasion, lead singer Stiv Bators slashed his stomach with his mic stand. They frequently played at the rock club CBGB and in 1977 they released their debut album, Young, Loud and Snotty, produced by Genya Ravan. Their song "Sonic Reducer" is often regarded as one of the classics of the punk genre, famously covered by Pearl Jam.


In mid-1990, Bators was struck by a taxi in Paris during a bank holiday. He was taken to a hospital but reportedly left before seeing a doctor after waiting several hours and assuming he was not injured. Reports indicate that he died in his sleep as the result of a concussion. The Lords of the New Church member Dave Tregunna said that Bators, a fan of rock legend Jim Morrison, had earlier requested that his ashes be spread over Morrison's Paris grave and that his girlfriend complied. Allegedly she also snorted a portion of Stiv's ashes to be closer to him.

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