The Rock Science mobile game is now available worldwide. There are loads of Packs in the game, and we’re gonna keep throwing shit at you. The Heavy Metal Pack is packed with questions on bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Helloween and many many more. The video clips below will most definitely get you pumped up for some heavy metal gaming!

Accept – Fast As A Shark (Live in 1985)

Crushing live version of the song that pretty much sums up the whole Heavy Metal genre. Double bass drums, ripping guitars and Udo Dierkschneider on top of it all. It also contains some weird clips of drummer Stefan Kaufmann flying an RC plane wearing practically nothing.

Helloween – Live in Köln (Full Concert from 1992)

Pro-shot concert with Germany’s finest. Without Kai Hansen but still really cool.
Tracklist: Kids of the Century, Back on the Streets, Eagle Fly Free, A Little Time, Mankind, I’m Doing Fine Crazy Man, Dr. Stein, Pink Bubbles Go Ape, Your Turn, A Tale That Wasn’t Right, Future World

Judas Priest – Live at the US Festival (Full concert from 1983)

Great pro-shot gig with the mighty Judas Priest. Halford masters the stage like the metal god he is, and the twin guitar attack from Tipton/Downing is pure magic.

Black Sabbath – The Shining (Official video 1987)

Maybe not the most popular incarnation of Black Sabbath, but just listen to the riffing in this song. Iommi is the king, and Tony Martin is a great metal singer.

Manowar – Gloves Of Metal (Official video 1983)

The kings of true metal!

Feeling inspired? Don’t hesitate to submit your own questions for the Heavy Metal Booster Pack.