Rock Science has joined forces with Motörhead to deliver the first Motörhead trivia game ever. Motörhead is the loudest band of all time, and they are bloody timeless, just like Rock Science. Experience all the riffin’, the loudness, the drinks, the girls, the songs, the lyrics, the fights, the fuck-ups and the wins, plus much, much more. Dig deep into the history of this monster and call yourself a Motörhead Scientist.

The Rock Science Motörhead Game includes 1.600 questions, designed with the Rock Science trademark difficulty levels: Poser, Fan and Scientist. Intense betting also gives the novice a fair chance to beat the hardcore Motörhead fan. Then of course you have the Rock The Song category where participants hum a given song for the others to guess. This is where the party really starts!
Players travel the game board using beautiful Dunlop guitar picks with exclusive Motörhead design. You won’t see these picks anywhere else, that’s a fact! We have also included card holders, designed as replicas of Lemmy’s and Phil Campbell’s amplifiers, to help you keep the question cards in place. Pretty fucking awesome, huh?

I’ve had a fun life for sure. Playing this will help me remember it!
– Lemmy

The Rock Science Motörhead Game is the ONLY way to experience Motörhead’s 30+ years of rock n’ roll mayhem. Order your copy today!

Caution: Rock Science takes no responsibility for broken furniture, pissed-off neighbors or dead lawns.

Order here: http://shop.rockscience.tv/