So it’s mid July and you take a couple of days off. What does a true Rock Scientist do? Well, that’s an easy one, you dig deep into your pile of CDs in search for something you haven’t listened to in a while. The beach is for posers!

Nikki Sixx was a bit disillusioned during the 1990s, we know that for a fact. After the release of Mötley Crüe (1994) (which is a great album btw) he started to believe he was Trent Reznor and Bono combined. This resulted in the pretty awful album Generation Swine (1997), and though I was a hardcore Mötley Crüe fan at the time, that album was a wave breaker for me. However, old love never dies. When I heard about this strange Nikki Sixx project I had to check it out.

The 58 album Diet for a New America (2000) is nothing for the average Mötley Crüe fan. Beat based pop tunes put together by Sixx and producer David Darling, who also sings on most of the tracks. The electronic influences that sounded malplaced on Generation Swine makes perfect sense on this album, probably because Sixx could ignore the ghost of Mötley Crüe and do whatever he wanted.

Diet for a New America is not a flawless album, but it’s full of creativity and it contains a couple of really cool songs. The brutally honest ”Song to Slit Your Wrists By”, aimed at Sixx’s ex-wife, was the first 58 track I heard. I was instantly hooked, but didn’t hear the full album until years later when I ordered it from Amazon. Other stand out tracks is the melancholy ”All My Heroes Are Dead” and the opening track ”Don’t Laugh (You Might Be Next)”.