The Punk Rock Pack is available in the Rock Science mobile game right now. To get you hyped up, we’ve compiled five videos with some of the artists that appear in the game. Educate yourself – then kick everyone’s ass!

Henry Rollins/Black Flag interview (1985?)

Chaotic (and hilarious) interview where Rollins starts questioning the reporter.

Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer (live @ CBGBs 1977)

The late great Stiv Bators in action. Fucking awesome track!

Ramones interview (1981)

God I miss those guys!

The Misfits – Live in Detroit (1982)

The Misfits w/ Glenn Danzig live. This is one of the few clips I’ve found. It sounds like shit, but still awesome!

Social Distortion – Don’t Take Me for Granted (live)

A great live version of the song that sounds exactly like the album version (!). Dedicated to late long time member Dennis Danell.

Feeling inspired? Don’t hesitate to submit your own questions for the Punk Rock Booster Pack.