The Rock Science crew flew to Helsinki to attend the introduction event for Finnish Rock Science. Imperial State Electric‘s tour was in town at the legendary rock club Tavastia. Competition winners, media and retailers were invited to an introduction to Rock Science, see the sound check, eat and have a few beers. Afterwards, it was time to get the gaming on.

In Finland, much is happening at the moment. 2012 will be an exciting year for Finnish rockers. The translation of the Finnish game is finished (no pun intended) and due for print. Soon it will be played at pubs, in tour buses, in kitchens and on the bare ground all over Finland.

For Valle and Onni, the initiators of Rock Science Finland, it’s easy to see how Rock Science will be a great success in Finland. “It’s a rock country, much more than Sweden is. It’s that simple” Valle says jokingly yet sincerely. “There are more rockers per capita in Finland, even more than in Germany. Germany might be a big country for rock too, but they have techno. Finland is only rock.”

So why arrange this event?

“We wanted a first introduction of the game for Finnish rockers, media and retailers” Onni says. “It’s a possibility for them to get to know the game in its right environment. We want to meet partners and build relations. And we do it for everyone to have fun of course“.

And why take Rock Science to Finland?

“I saw a need for it basically”, Onni says. “And everything I’d seen so far made me believe that it would succeed.”
Then why would these two guys, later joined by their long-time friend Valtteri, be the right people to make this happen? For Onni, it was quite obvious. “It came at the best possible time for me, it just suited my situation. Right now I’m writing my masters thesis in Global Innovation Management on this specific target group, rockers. And of course I’m a rock music fan. Rock Science combines my education and hobbies”.

I ask the guys how the reception of the game has been so far. “We thought that the first Rock Science game, printed in English, would be easily adapted by Finns. Their English is just fine” according to Valle.
And that turned out to be true. The reaction they’ve had from rockers playing the game has been positive. The retailers on the other hand, wanted a Finnish version. And so the translations begun!

After a few months of hard work, the first Finnish game has been sent to the printers.