This year’s Bandit Rock Awards sold out quicker than ever before. 3 Doors Down (US), Seether (South Africa), Supercharger (Denmark), Sabaton, Amaranthe and Raubtier (Swe) made 3,000 heads bang with great shows. The event is the only real rock awards in Sweden, so of course Rock Science had to be there.

The Rock Science gaming room
Before, in between and during gigs the gaming was on! The four gaming tables were filled from opening ‘til early morning when the lights came on and the cleaning ladies made us break up the party. Hords of rockers tried their skills as Rock Scientists, some played for the first time ever.
In the 100m2 Rock Science room you could also have a look at the displayed Monster Monolith – a game signed by more than 60 rockstars, have a chat with the developers and buy games and T-shirts.

Decorated by Par Courrier Interior
The luxurious gaming setting was decorated by Maggie from Par Courrier Interior, an interior design boutiqe in Stockholm with a truly unique mix of timeless design. She helped us create a high class saloon lounge to boost the casino theme of the gaming tables. Thank you Maggie!

Sandra won a Rock Science game
Several hundred also entered the competition to win a game. It finally ended up with Sandra in Västervik, congratulations again Sandra!