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Rock Science Released Worldwide

After months of fine tuning in the Rock Science lab, we’re pretty fucking proud to release the Rock Game of the Century worldwide. Finally rockers from all over the world will have the opportunity to meet new friends, climb the charts and become true Rock Scientists.

Rock Science is social gaming and rock trivia combined. A community where you can hook up with your friends and challenge them in head-to-head rock and metal trivia battles.

The Rock Science mobile game is based on Booster Packs. A Booster Pack consists of questions on a specific part of rock history. There are three categories of packs at the moment: our own Rock Science packs, official artist packs and official brand packs.


-100% free to download and play!
-Multiplayer rock trivia challenges
-Official game content from rock stars
-Play with your friends or random rockers
-Leaderboards for each Booster Pack
-Earn medals, gain new levels and see all your statistics
-Win prizes and discounts as you work your way to the top
-Explore links connected to each question

Initially Rock Science is available on iOS devices, but an Android version is cooking in the lab as we speak. Stay tuned!

Download Rock Science For Free