We know that we’ve been super quiet for the past 6 months. Why, you might ask? Well… we’ve been busy rebuilding the Rock Science experience, and now we’re finally in a position where we can share our work with you.

We’ve spent a lot of time on refining the core game loop, to make the game more fun and accessible. In Rock Science Universe, all matches are played in real time. No more waiting around, you can play (and finish) a match when you’re waiting in line for a cup of coffee.

Another new thing is that players earn coins by answering questions, leveling up and returning to the game. Right now you can use the coins to buy new Packs, but we’re working on a bunch of cool features where you’ll be able to spend your earnings in the future.

This is just the beginning, and if you have ideas of stuff you'd like to see in the game let us know!

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