Wacken Open Air. The Godfather of all metal festivals. In the summer of 2013, the Rock Science team drove all the way from Stockholm, Sweden to set up a booth and present the rock game of the century to the metalheads at the festival. Beer was flowing, heads were banging and I swear, our ears are still ringing.

We left Stockholm on Tuesday and arrived at the festival site late Wednesday night. Our German brothers Alex and Carl had already arranged the booth, and I think it’s safe to say the Rock Science booth was the coolest one at Wacken. Not only did we offer a great rock gaming experience, we also brought Blackstar amps and guitars from Dean Zelinsky. People were constantly letting it rip. The amps were blasting from early in the morning until we closed at night, sometimes even drowning the bands on stage.

We woke up early Thursday morning to find that the rain was pouring down. The tents were wet, we were a bit hungover but thankfully the clouds disappeared and the sun started shining. We spent the whole day at the booth playing Rock Science with people from every corner of the world. A really amazing experience.
In the evening we witnessed how the mighty Rammstein tore the place apart. I have to say I’m not the biggest fan, but the show was great and when they played “Sonne” German folk singer Heino joined them on stage. The crowd went fucking crazy when he appeared. We finished off the night at the VIP area eating pulled pork burgers and drinking Becks like there was no tomorrow.

Friday morning we headed to the booth at usual, had a cup of the special Wacken coffee (roasted on location, gotta love that) and repeated the procedure from the day before. At noon me and Sebastian went to see a spoken word performance by Henry Rollins. He is definitely one of my big heroes and we brought some games in case we’d get to meet him afterwards. The show was great, he told Black Flag anecdotes and spoke about his mission to spread cool music into closed countries. We were lucky enough to get backstage and present Henry with a game and take a photo. That made my day!

On Saturday afternoon the sky opened up and rain started pouring. People took shelter in our booth and for a while it was really crowded. We threw out random Rock Science questions and everyone seemed to have a good time after all.

We closed the booth late Saturday night but as soon as we were done, we decided we needed another round of Rock Science. Me, Carl and Sebastian played a final game with the Alice Cooper gig as a perfect soundtrack.

True rock scientists never quit!