Since the start in a basement in Stockholm, Sweden a couple of years ago, Rock Science divisions are steadily popping up like shrooms in a pile of dung. The first one outside of Sweden was the Finnish one. It’s lead by the duo of Onni and Valle and we thought it might be time you’d get to know them better. This interview is from their release event at the legendary Helsinki rock club Tavastia, where I went there to lend them a helping hand.

How did you find out about the game to begin with?

Onni showed it to me at a bar – he said he had something to show me. He’d bought the game and cracked the idea that they would take it to Finland. We discussed the idea and later that night he emailed you (Dave) with it.

What have you done before the game?

I’ve listened to a lot of rock and playing board games all my life. Actually, the very first record i ever bought was an Offspring album and Onni had bought Green Day’s Dookie. Besides that I have business schoolings and an entrepreneurial background. So Rock Science fits naturally with my background. At Rock Science Finland I mainly manage the financial stuff.

What do you look forward to in the Rock Science year of 2012?
Introducing the game to the Finns, breaking through and having fun.

What are you a rock scientist on?

Someone said that the music you listen to when you’re 12 years old is gonna be your favorite for all your life. I think that’s true. So that’d probably be newer punk.

If you’d make up a Rock Science game just based on what you like, what would be in it?

I would have anything in it, all bands. No one of us knows Judas Priest especially well, and it has become a joke with us. They can be a bit corny sometimes but you’ve got to love them anyway. I wouldn’t really change the game from how it is right now.

What are you embarrassed to be a fan of?

I dunno, some Finnish hillbilly rock, not much though. The new Nickelback song maybe. When it comes on I’m like “yeah this sounds good” and turn it up. Then after ten seconds i realize what it is and turn it down again.

Who’d you most like to meet in a game of RS?

This is a tough one. But I’d have to say my brother. He beats me in all other games but I would kick his ass bigtime in Rock Science.